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The terms that follow are applicable to the Terms and Conditions listed henceforth, the Privacy Statement, the Disclaimer notice, as well as any and all agreements: 

The terms "Client," "You," and "Your" refer to you as the user of this website, anyone who accesses and accepts the terms and conditions of the Company. Phrases like "The Company," "Ourselves," "We," and "Us" refer to the Company. Terms like "Party," "Parties," or "Us" can either apply to the Client as well as the Company, the Client alone, or the Company alone. The terms allude to the offer, acceptance of the same, and consideration of the payment and charges that are deemed essential to provide the services to the Client in the most realistic way possible, whether it is through formal meetings for a fixed period of time, or using any other methods, exclusively for the purpose of addressing the needs of the Client with respect to the provision of the expressed services and products provided by the Company, as is compliant with the current law in India. The words and phrases used above, in singular, plural, capitalized form, and/or he/she/they are understood to be interchangeable and therefore refer to the same. 

Privacy Statement is committed to protecting the privacy of its Clients. Information of specific Clients is used only by authorized employees of the Company, and this is done only on a need to know basis. Our systems are reviewed continuously, along with the data of our Clients, in order to make sure that we provide the best possible services to our Clients. We have also ensured that unauthorized actions against our data and computer systems are treated as specific offenses, and we examine and inspect such offenses with the intention of prosecuting and/or employing civil proceedings to recuperate the damages. 


Any and all data related to the Client, as well as their respective records, may be shared with third parties. However, it should be noted that Client records are treated as confidential, and will therefore not be shared with any third parties, except with the employees of the Company, and with the appropriate authorities if there is any legal requirement for doing so. Clients also the right to see any and all Client records kept by, along with any and all copies of the same, on the condition that this is done with a reasonable notice of such requests. In addition, the Company requests all clients to maintain copies of any information and literature provided related to the services and products of the Company. When and if it is appropriate, the Company will issue the Client with written information, copies of records, or handouts as is the part of the agreed contract between the two parties, and for the benefit of both the parties. will not see, share, or rent the personal and professional information of its Clients to any third parties, nor will the Company use their email for any unsolicited emails. You will receive emails from the Company only in relation to the provision of the services and products provided by the Company. 


Exclusions and Limitations

The information provided on is shared on an "as is" basis. As much as is permissible by Indian law, the Company

  • Does not include any representation and warranties that are related to the website and its contents or those that are or may be provided by any affiliates or third parties, including those that are related to any inaccuracies or omissions on the website and/or the literature of the Company
  • It does not include any liability or responsibility for the damages that are incurred due to the connection of your usage of the website. This will include, without any limits, direct loss, loss of any sort of business or profits (including the cases in which the losses were predictable, or the losses happened due to the ordinary course of events, or if you have advised the Company that there may be such losses in the future), any harm that may come to your computer or laptop, its software, its system and programs, the data on the computer or laptop, or any other direct or indirect losses, incidental and consequential damages.

However, will not exclude any liability or responsibility related to death or personal injury that may have happened due to the negligence of the Company. The exclusions and limits mentioned above are applicable only to the extent as is permissible by the Indian law. The terms and conditions listed above do not impact your statutory rights as a consumer. 


Unless explicitly stated, the services and products featured on are available only within the United States of America, and/or are relevant only to postings from the US. The advertisements are intended solely for the market in the US. The evaluation of the downloads, text, and programs available on the website is the sole responsibility of the user. Republication of the content on this website and/or redistribution of the same, including cases including framing or any similar ways or any other ways, without the expressed content of the Company in written form, is prohibited. Additionally, the services provided by the Company are not guaranteed to be delivered in a timely fashion, and/or continuously, and/or without any mistake – although the Company will strive to live up to these standards to its best ability. With the usage of the website and its services, the Clients indemnify the Company, any and all of its employees, its agents, and/or affiliates against cases in which there may be loss or damage, in whatever way, howsoever caused. 

Log Files uses the IP addresses to assess trends, track the movement of the user, manage the website, and gather information related to the demographic of its users for common usage. These IP addresses are not linked to any personal or any identifiable information of the clients. Additionally, for system administration purposes as well as for analyzing and tracking usage patterns and troubleshooting options, the web servers of the Company also track, log, and detect standard information like browser type used by the Client, the access time of the website, when the mail from the Company is opened, URL requested, and if there is any referral URL. The Company does not share this information with any third parties and uses it only on a need to know basis. If there is any personally identifiable information related to this data, the Company will not use it any way that is different from the one stated above with the explicit consent of the Client. 


Not unlike other websites on the web that are interactive in nature, uses cookies that help the Company retrieve the details of each visit by its users. In some cases, cookies are also used to assist in the smooth functioning of the website and for increasing the ease of usage of the site for Clients. Some of the affiliate partners of the Company may also use cookies. 

Links to this website

Any link to any page of the site of the Company may not be created without the prior written consent of the Company. If such a link is created to any and/or all pages of this website, it is done at your own risk. In such cases, the exclusions and limitations stated above will be applicable to the use of the website by creating a link for it. 

Links from this website

The content of the third-party sites that are linked to from is not monitored and/or reviewed by the Company. Any and all opinions expressed on these websites or content appearing on these websites is not shared and/or endorsed by the Company, and will not be regarded as the publisher of such content. Users should also beware that is not responsible for the privacy policies or content of these websites. All Clients of the Company are encouraged to beware of such issues when they leave our site and carefully read the privacy policy of these third-party websites. We also encourage our clients to evaluate the trustworthiness and safety of these websites that are connected to or accessed via before sharing any personal information with them. In cases where there is any loss or damage in any form, howsoever caused, due to disclosure of personal information to third party websites, the Company will not be held responsible.

Copyright and Trademark

Any and all relevant intellectual property rights and Copyright related rights are applicable related to the text and content on this website, as well as that related to the services provided by the Company. 


Clients can contact us on several email addresses for questions and queries of different varieties. Our contact information, as well as these email addresses, can be found on the Contact Us page of the website of the Company.

Force Majeure

Neither of the two parties shall be held responsible or liable towards the other for any failure to perform any activity under any Contract or Agreement in cases beyond the control of the party, which include, but are not limited to any Act of God, terrorism, war, political insurgence, insurrection, riot, civil unrest, an act of civilian or military authority, uprising, earthquake, flood or any other natural or manmade disaster out of the control of the parties, and which results in the termination of the Agreement or contract that they have entered, and that which could not have been reasonably predicted. In case either of the parties is affected by any such event, they shall inform the other party regarding the same, and will use any and all provisions to comply with the terms and conditions of the Agreement or contract as closed herein.


In cases where either of the parties fails to insist upon strict performance of any provision of this or any agreement or the failure of either of the two parties to employ any right or remedy to which it, he or they are entitled hereunder shall not constitute a waiver thereof and shall not cause a diminution of the obligations under this or any other contract or Agreement. Unless it has been explicitly stated and signed by both the parties, no waiver of any or all of the provision of this Agreement or any other agreement or contract will be effective. 


The terms and conditions mentioned herein are governed by the current Indian law. When Clients access our website or use any of our services and/or products, they consent to the terms and conditions mentioned here and agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts in the United States in case there is any dispute arising out of said access. In instances where these terms are deemed as invalid or cannot be enforced for any cause or reasons (including but not limited to cases such as exclusions and limitations stated above), then the unenforceable and/or invalid terms and conditions will be excluded from this Agreement and the rest of the terms will continue to be deemed as applicable. If the Company fails to enforce the provisions stated in this Agreement, or fails to employ any option to terminate, this will not be understood as a waiver of the regulations and will not affect the validity of the rules set in this Agreements or any of its parts. Neither does the Company forego the right to enforce any and all of these provisions thereafter. The Terms and Conditions mentioned hereafter shall not be modified, amended, changed, varies, or supplemented, except when it is done in writing and is signed by the duly authorizes representatives of this Company.

Notification of Changes has the right to change the terms and conditions mentioned herein as the Company sees fit, and the usage of the website by the Client is indicative of his or her acceptance of these adjustments and changes. If the Company makes any changes to its privacy policy, it will be done after the announcement of said changes on the home page and other essential pages on the website. If there are any changes related to the use of personally identifiable information of our clients, we will do so after informing said clients and those that will be affected by these changes via email or postal mail. The announcement related to the changes to the privacy policy of the Company will be made 30 days before these changes are set to occur. Therefore, clients are advised and expected to read this statement at regular intervals.