The terms and conditions and policy stated hereafter is applicable to the usage of any and all data that has been collected by the website with respect to your usage of the same. It is advised to read the Privacy Policy with care in order to make sure that Clients understand it. The Privacy Policy is deemed to have been read and accepted upon the first usage of the website by Clients. If any Client does not accept and/or agree with the Policy stated hereafter, he or she must stop using the website right away.

1. Definitions and Interpretation of Various Terms Used

The meanings of the various terminologies used in the Privacy Policy are stated underneath:

Account – this refers to the account which is necessary to access as well as use the products and services, as well as features listed on the website.

Cookie – whenever certain pages of our website are visited by you, or certain features of the website are used, the website will place a small text file on the computer or device from which you have accessed it. You can skip to section 11 of this policy to find more details about Cookies.

Our Site – refers to this website, that is,

UK and EU Cookie Law – this refers to the specific provisions and laws that are a part of the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (EC Directive) that was published in 2003 and later amended in 2004, 2011, and 2015

We/Us/Our – these terms refer to the Company, that is

2. Scope – What Does This Privacy Policy Cover?

The Privacy Policy stated hereafter is applicable only to the usage of the website by the Clients. The Privacy Policy is not extended to any platforms that are linked to from the website (in cased where the links are provided by us as well as the links shared by other users of our website). We do not exercise any control or monitor how these websites may be operating or how they collect, store or use the data from Clients. As a result, we advise all our Clients to check the Terms and Agreements as well as Privacy Policies of all third-party websites before sharing their data with them.

3. What Data Do We Collect From our Clients?

It should be noted that the website will collect some user data automatically. To see more details about this, Clients can refer to section 11 of this Privacy Policy and check the section – Our Use of Cookies. Any other data collected by the website is only in cases when Clients submit it voluntarily. Additionally, Clients must also consent to the use of this data for situations that have been listed in Section 4. One example of such a situation, is, when a Client signs up for an Account on the website. 

Depending on how you are using this website, we may collect some of the following information, or all of it:

  • Name of the Client
  • Business/company name of the Client
  • Contact information such as email addresses of the Client
  • Demographic information of the Client, which may include his or her postal code
  • Fiduciary data such as credit or debit card numbers entered when signing up for an account
  • IP address. This information is automatically collected.
  • The type and version of Web browser and the type that the Client accessed the website with. This information is also automatically collected.
  • The Operating system of the laptop or computer or any other device that the Client is using to access the website. This information is automatically collected.
  • A list of URLs that will include the referral site, the activity of the Client on the website, and the website he or she exits to. This information is automatically collected.   
  • Billing Address of the Client.
  • VAT No. of the Client.
  • The URLs of the Social Profile of the Client.

4. How Does the Company Use Your Data?

  • 4.1 


The personal that has been collected by the website is stored in such a way that it is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) (GDPR) by the EU. To find out more details about this, please check section 5.


  • 4.2


The information collected by the website helps in making sure that we provide the best services and products to our Clients. This is inclusive of:


4.2.1 – providing and managing the accounts of our clients on the website

4.2.2 – providing and managing the access to the website

4.2.3 – making the experience of the website more personal and tailored to each client

4.2.4 – provide our products and services to clients in a smooth and streamlined manner

4.2.5 – making the experience of our products and services more personal and tailored to each client

4.2.6 – respond to communication from our clients

4.2.7 – provide our clients with newsletters, billing information, alerts, etc. that the client has subscribed to. In these clients, clients can unsubscribe or opt-out of receiving such information at any point in time by changing their email preferences in their account on the website or at the bottom of the email content.

4.2.8 – research in the market

4.2.9 – analyze the usage of the website, collect feedback related to the website that will help us in improving the website as well as user experience on the website.

  • 4.3 

In certain cases, we may need to collect some information or data due to the statutory requirements or contractual agreements. If we do not have the consent of the Clients to use this data, we will not be able to provide the full range of our services and products. 

  • 4.4 

With the consent of our clients and/or when it is permissible by the prevailing law, may use your information for marketing services which may include reaching out to you via your email and/or your contact number with information and/or news about various offers offered by us on our products and/or our services. However, we will never send any unsolicited email or spam. We take all necessary and reasonable steps to make sure that your rights are fully protected. We are compliant with the obligations listed under the GDPR and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations released in 2003, and as amended in 2004, 2011 and 2015.

  • 4.5 

Under GDPR, we also make sure that the personal data of all our Clients is processed in a manner that is compliant with the law, is fair, and transparent, and does not affect adversely the rights of our Clients. We will process the personal data of our clients only if at least one of the obligations listed below are met:

  • Clients have given expressed content to the processing of their personal data for one or more than one specific purposes.
  • Processing of client information needs to be done for employment of a contract to which the client is a party, or in order to perform certain steps at the behest of the client before entering a contract.
  • Processing of the information is necessary for the Company to comply with some legal obligation to which the Company is subject.
  • Processing of the information is necessitated in order to protect the interests of the client or of another natural person.
  • Processing of the information is necessitated for performing any task in the interest of the public or for exercising of the official authority vested in the controller.
  • Processing of the information is necessitated in order to pursue legitimate interests by us or by a third party, in all cases except when these interests are overridden by the fundamental rights and freedom that demand protection of the personal data of of the clients or data subjects, especially in cases where the client or data subject is a child.

5. How and Where Do We Store Your Data?

  • 5.1 


The company stores and keeps your data only for as long as it is needed by us in order to process and use it in ways that have been described above in section 4, and/or as long as we have the permission of our clients to store the data. In both the cases, the Company conducts a review every year in order to evaluate whether there is a need to keep storing your data. The data of those clients will be deleted in case where it is determined that we do not need it with respect to the terms and conditions that have been set forth in our Data Retention Policy.


  • 5.2


Some or all of the data on the website may be stored or transferred outside the EEA or the European Economic Area (which consists of all the members of the EU, along with Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein). All our clients are expected to accept and agree this term when they start using our website and submit any data to us. If any data or information is stored outside the EEA, the company will take all possible and reasonable steps to ensure that the information is treated in a safe and secure manner, as safe and secure it would be in the EEA and under the GDPR. These steps may include but are not limited to the use of contractual terms that are legally binding and exist between us and any third parties that we interact with, as well as the usage of the EU-approval arrangements within the contract.

  • 5.3

We think of data security as an extremely important facet of our business, and in order to make sure that your data is protected, we have used any and all physical, managerial, and electronic means and procedures that ensure security of the data we collect through our website. 

  • 5.4 

These are the steps we take to make sure your data is secure and protected:

5.4.1 - Assets like images, video, etc. are stored in S3 AWS cloud and other types of data are stored in AWS RDS.

  • 5.5

Despite all the security measures and provisions employed by us in order to safeguard and protect your data, it should be noted that transmission of any kind of information or data on the internet is never completely secure and clients should endeavor to take suitable precautions and employ certain measures at their end when they are transmitting data to us using the internet.

6. Do We Share Your Data?

  • 6.1 

In certain cases, we may share the data of our Clients with certain our companies in our groups. All the subsidiaries, our holding company, and the subsidiaries of our holding company are included in this. 

  • 6.2

In certain cases, we may have some contracts with some third parties to provide us some products and services on the behalf or request of our Clients. This may include services and features such as payment processing, delivery of any kinds of goods, facilities pertaining to search engines, marketing and advertising. In some of these cases, the third parties that we are working with may need to access some or all of your information or data. In such cases when such sharing of your data is necessitated, we will take all steps on our end to make sure that your data is handled in a way that is safe, secure, and is compliant with your rights as a consumer, our obligations as a company, and the obligations of the third party as per the prevalent permissible law.

As of now, we have contracts with the following companies:

  • Amazon AWS - N. Virginia
  • Chargebee
  • GetSiteControl
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Hubspot
  • Mixpanel
  • Zendesk
  • Google Analytics/Tag Manager
  • Profitwell
  • 6.3 

The company may compile and collect some numbers and statistics related to the usage of our website. This may include data on the traffic on the website, the usage patterns of our clients, user numbers, sale information and other data. Any and all of information in this relation and similar to it will be used in an anonymized way and will not include any identification or personal information. We may also share such data with third-party from time to time, such as investors that may be looking to invest in us, affiliate parties, our advertisers and partners. All this data will be shared and used only within the permissible boundaries of the prevailing law.

  • 6.4

In some cases we may be legally obliged to share some information that is being stored by us, and this may include personal data of our clients. This is done in cases where we are involved in any legal proceedings, or when we are required by law to comply with the requirements of the legislation, a court order, or any other government authority. In circumstances where such conditions are applicable, we do not require consent from the client to share his or her information, and we will cooperate with any request that is made of us that is legally binding in nature.

7. What Happens If Our Business Is Sold or the Control Handed Over?

  • 7.1 

In circumstances where we need to expand or reduce the scale of our business, we may need to sell and/or transfer a part or all of our business, or hand over the controls of the same. In such cases, the data provided by our clients will be, wherever it may be relevant to any part of the business or services transferred, also be transferred to the new owner or the controlling party along with that part. This will be done under the conditions set forth in this Privacy Policy, and the data handed over as such is deemed to be permitted for usage for purposes for which it was originally stored by us. 

  • 7.2

In cases when any or all of your data is transferred in such ways, please note that there is no provision involving us contacting you beforehand and informing you or these changes.

8. How Can You Control the Data You Give Us?

  • 8.1 

When you submit any information to us via our website, you may be offered an option to restrict the website from usage of your data. This is done in order to make sure that all our clients have the strongest controls possible when it comes to usage of their data (this also includes the option to unsubscribe from receiving any kinds of emails from us which you can opt-out of by simply clicking on the unsubscribe link attached in every email from us, and also at the point when you submit your information to us). This can also be done by managing your account preferences on our website.

  • 8.2

You can also sign up for one or more of our preference services that are operating in India. These include: The Telephone Preference Service (“the TPS”), the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (“the CTPS”), and the Mailing Preference Service (“the MPS”). These services can help you if you want to stop any incoming unsolicited marketing communication. However, it should be noted that these services cannot stop any marketing communication that have expressly consented to receiving.

9. Your Right to Withhold Information and Your Right to Withdraw Information After You Have Given it

  • 9.1 

You have the right to access certain pages and areas of our website without transferring any information or data at all. However, it should be noted that the usage of all the features and functions listed on our website does require submission of or allow the collection of certain pieces of information or data.

  • 9.2

You can limit the use of Cookies by your internet browser. To know more about this, check Section 11 of this Privacy Policy.

  • 9.3

At any time in the future, you can withdraw your consent in relation to the use of your personal data by us as set out in Section 4 of this Privacy Police. Our contact details are available on the website, and we will delete any and all of your data from our systems in case you exercise this right. However, it should be noted that exercising this right may prevent us from delivering our services and products to you in the best way possible.

10. How Can You Access Your Data?

You have the legal provision to ask us for a copy of any and all of your personal data and any other information stored by us ( in whichever cases when such data is stored). Please contact us using the details provided on our website for more information regarding this.

11. What Cookies Do We Use and What For?

  • 11.1


When you use Our Site, it will place certain Cookies on the device you are using to access the website and we may access them in a later course of time. These are first party Cookie; hence, they can be used only by Us. The Cookies enable Us to enhance the user experience for you. The Cookies are so constructed such that it does not tread upon your privacy at any time whatsoever.


  • 11.2


When you use Our Site, certain Cookies belonging to a third party are also placed in your device. These third-party Cookies are not placed by us but a result of interaction with websites and other services which are nit Us. Such Cookies are not an integral part to the functioning of the site created by Us. They are mainly used for various analytical purposes such as tracking of visitors, advertising purposes, remarketing, usage and engagement.


  • 11.3


All the latest laws pertaining to Cookies in the English as well as EU Cookie Laws are followed by Our Site to keep you and your data safe.


  • 11.4


Certain Cookies placed in your device pertaining to the section 11.5 and/or 11.8. When such cookies are to be added, a pop-up window will appear on your device asking for permissions to place those cookies in your device. When you allow these Cookies to be placed, you will be provided the best user experience from Our Site. Such cookies may be blocked at will from the setting of your web browser but that may lead to improper functioning of our website. We have ensured that none of these cookies affect your privacy when you are using our website.


  • 11.5


Every site, including, mandatorily requires the presence of certain Cookies for proper functioning. The Cookie Laws in the UK and the EU refers to these Cookies as “strictly necessary” for the proper running of a site. Such cookies are listed in the next section. The Cookies may still be blocked through the settings option in your web browser. However, blocking said Cookies could hamper the working of Our Site in your device and even prevent it from functioning. Your privacy is a major concern for Us and we have ensured that such Cookies do not affect it in any way.


  • 11.6


This is the list of First Party Cookies that will be placed in your device when you access Our Site:

Name of Cookie


Strictly Necessary


To maintain sessions of our users 



To track affiliate and/or referral users


This is a list of Third-Party Cookies that may be placed in your device when you access out site:

Name of Cookie



__utmz, __utmv

Google Analytics

This cookie is used to differentiate users and sessions



This cookie is used to track visitors and/or CRM purposes



This cookies is used to run track usage as well as engagement



These cookies are set forth by AddThis for social sharing



These cookies help us find out how the visitor on the website interacts with the survey pop-up



This cookie is used to check if our GetSiteControl widgets work correctly in relation to the custom Behavior and Targeting settings


  • 11.7


Google Tag Manager, HubSpot, HotJar, ProfitWell and Mixpanel are different analytics service providers and Our Sites uses their expertise for different analytical activities. Website analytics are a set of tools which are used for data collection and statistical analysis that allows Us to understand how Our Site is being used by the many user, in turn enabling Us to make the user experience better. All the products our website has to offers along with the many services are made better through these analyses. The Cookies detailed below are not important for the proper functioning of our site and hence need not allow Us to use them. These Cookies do not pose any risk to your device and your privacy is not hampered in any way on using these Cookies. they ensure that We can modify and upgrade our site from time to time and ensure the best user experience at all times.


  • 11.8


Analytics service(s) is a crucial part to help enable Us to grow and make a better site. Some of these Cookies may immediately be placed in your device, the moment you visit Our Site without taking any prior permissions from or notifying you. These Cookies are easy to disable and all their future actions can be prevented by following certain easy steps.


  • 11.9


The different Cookies used by the different analytics services which are used by Our Site to ensure improved working are as follows:


Name of Cookie

First / Third Party





Google Tag Manage

To Track User’s Behavior

__hstc, __hssc,



For CRM Purposes




To Track User’s Behavior

  • 11.10


The addition of Cookies to your device may be enabled or disabled through different settings options in your web browser. Most of the internet browser services also enable you to choose from disabling all kinds of Cookies or disable only the third-party Cookies. by default, most internet browsers have such setting that enables the addition of Cookies to your device. The help menu in your internet browser or the document available with your devices lists all details regarding such actions and would be a great source of help in case of any problems.


  • 11.11

Users have the option to delete the Cookies at any time. However, it should be noted that this can lead to loss of information that allows you to access and use our website quickly and efficiently. The deletion of cookies includes, but is not limited to, information such as login settings and personalization data.


  • 11.12


The need to keep your OS as well as your internet browser up to date is paramount for the proper addition of Cookies and functioning of our site. If you are finding complications regarding the adjustment of your privacy settings, you may take the help of your device manufacturer or the internet browser developer.

12. Summary of Your Rights under GDPR

  • 12.1

You have the right to seek access to, removal of, or correction of, any and all of your personal information held by us.

  • 12.2

You have the right to make a complain to a supervisory authority. 

  • 12.3

You have the right to be informed of how and in what way is data processing happening in relation to your data.

  • 12.4

You have the right to limit such proceedings.

  • 12.5

You have the right to data portability.

  • 12.6

You have the right to file objection against the processing of any and all of your personal data.

  • 12.7

You have all the rights as listed in automated decision making and profiling section as listed below.

If you have any questions regarding the enforcement of these right, or if you have any queries related to our website, our company, or this Privacy Policy, you can contact us using the details available on our website.

13. Automated Decision-Making and Profiling

  • 13.1 


In cases where we may have used your personal data or information for automated decision making and any such purposes that may have a direct legal consequence for you or any other similar kind of negative impact on you or your business, you maintain the right to challenge our decisions under the rights listed under the GDPR, and you may in such instances request interventions by us, expression of views and opinions from our perspective, as well as obtain any explanations for such decisions from us.

  • 13.2


The rights discussed in the previous section in 12.1 cannot be deemed applicable under certain situations. These situations are:


  1. If there is an entry or performance of a contract between You and Us, and a decision is necessary for performance of the same.
  2. If any law has authorized such a decision.
  3. If you have put forth your explicit consent in the decision.


  • 13.3


If we are using any or all of your personal data as collected by us for any purposes pertaining to profiling, the following will be applicable:


  1. All the information regarding the profiling in clearest language and format shall be provided along with listing of all the significance and the likely consequences if such profiling.
  2. Statistical as well as mathematical procedures which are appropriate and suitable for such profiling will be used.
  3. All kinds of technical measures or organizational measures which would be necessary to minimize the errors or easily rectifying any such errors in future endeavors shall be implemented.
  4. Every bit of personal data that has been processed for different profiling effects shall arise out of profiling.

14. Contact Us

If you have any questions related to our business, our website, or this Privacy Policy, you can contact by using the details provided on our website. 

Please make sure that your questions are clear, especially in cases where you are requesting information related to the processing, recording, and storage of your data as listed in the sections above

15. Changes to Our Privacy Policy

There may be changes to this Privacy Policy in the future and the company may deem it necessary to change the Policy from time as time as per the requirement of the prevailing law. Any such changes will be made immediately on the website, and upon your first usage of the website after any such changes, it will be deemed that you have accepted these alterations. Therefore, it is advised for clients to check this page on a regular basis in order to remain up-to-date with our privacy policy.